Essay On Road Safety In English For Student And Children’s

Essay On Road Safety In English. Road safety is of utmost importance while staying safe and not getting harmed during traveling on the roads. It is very essential to be attentive on roads as the roads are filled with heavy vehicles buzzing at their full/ high speeds. The government of India has formulated many rules and regulations that one should abide by to promote road safety.

Essay On Road Safety In English

Essay On Road Safety In English For Student And Children’s

Essay On Road Safety In English ( 100 Words )

Every person uses the road to go anywhere in their daily life and every day many stories of road accidents are also heard. Due to negligence of the people, most accidents occur, in the rush of an early arrival and driving due to intoxication and our slightest mistake can snatch us and his life from the front.

The government has made many traffic rules to reduce road accidents and to protect people and it is our duty to follow them all, for example- At the intersections on the road, different colored lights have been installed such as- Red light at the top indicates stop and the yellow light means being ready to walk and the green light means walking.

Essay On Road Safety In English ( 200 Words )

In newspapers, everyday stories of road accidents are read and most of the increase in mortality has been due to road accidents. Road accidents are increasing because people are living in such a hurry these days.

The main cause of road accidents is to people try overtaking, driving by drinking alcohol, driving in the wrong direction, and driving the vehicle at high speed.

Road traffic safety is a law and method under which the government of India has made several rules for the safety of the people of the nation on the roads.

One should wear a seat belt while driving a 4 wheeler and a helmet is mandatory while driving a 2 wheeler. This is necessary to ensure your own safety and a speed limit has been also set for each vehicle for this. People have driving tests everywhere as the government has created laws that prohibit drink and drive.

To decrease the number of road accidents in the near future, we should teach about road safety to students in schools and colleges. You will be amazed to know that most of the accidents occur in developed countries. It is up to us to ensure our and the safety of our loved ones.

Essay On Road Safety In English ( 300 Words )

Due to negligence of proper safety rules on road, vehicles colliding and road accidents have become very common these days. There is an abrupt increase in no of deaths due to the ignorance of road safety rules. All the roads are busy at all times of the day as the vehicles are moving at very high speeds.

Traffic problems have also become common these days as everyone is now used to owning their personal vehicles as per their comfort. Therefore, due to all this, it becomes increasingly important to follow all the road safety guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety on roads.

We should ensure that each of us should take a proper driving course under the guidance of a proper and professional instructor before driving on the roads. Students should be provided complete info about the regulations of road safety and traffic and it should be included in the school curriculum. Due to incomplete knowledge about the road safety measures and about the operation of the vehicles, most of road accidents occur.

Another cause of road accidents is the presence of large no of old vehicles on the roads. It is very difficult to check the safety and fitness level of such vehicles. Therefore, timely and proper service of such vehicles is very important for reducing accidents on roads. We all should properly check our vehicles before starting our journey and if there is any problem, then it should be corrected immediately before starting our journey.

Road and traffic accidents have affected many countries in our nation and are a major cause of many deaths. Therefore, the traffic rules should be strictly followed to ensure everyone’s safety on roads. Traffic rules should be followed and people should be more careful while driving their vehicles on the roads.

Essay On Road Safety In English ( 400 Words )

We all are living in a fast-moving physical world where everyone is busy and wants to reach their destination at the earliest. This also pertains for an individual to drive his / her vehicles at a very fast speed and unfortunately, sometimes a person loses his/ her life due to all these reasons.

Or they have to bear the brunt lifetime by becoming handicapped or crippled. Nowadays, there has been an exponential increase in the number of road accidents due to the negligence of road safety and speed rules, which is all very worrying.

You and me, as responsible citizens, need to make other individuals and people aware of the road safety rules and we all need to unite against this worrisome unfortunate event for curbing it.

Here are some statistics that will make you realize the seriousness of road accidents.

This may come as shocking but more than three thousand people lose their lives worldwide just because of road accidents. In our nation, more than one and a half lakh people lose their lives by falling prey to road accidents. Do you know that nearly fifty percent of the people who lose their lives are either riding a two-wheeler or are unfortunate pedestrians?

Our future, our beloved children- nearly sixteen percent of them are the victims of this unfortunate event every day in our country. According to research, if this situation is not controlled then, more than 3 million people will be affected by road accidents worldwide by the year 2030.

No day goes without hearing the unfortunate news of road accidents via newspapers or news channels and thus, the issue of road safety has become such a big and serious issue nowadays.

Here are some of the real-time causes of road accidents-

  • The roads have pits or the condition of the roads is very bad.
  • The traffic system is incorrect and even if it is correct, then people rarely tend to follow it.
  • There is 0 proper management of the sewer lines.
  • Stray animals roam on the streets openly and are a big cause of road accidents, and they also become victims many a time.
  • Less number of footpaths or cross bridges for our pedestrians, this accounts for the shocking number stated above.
  • Overloaded vehicles- Oh god! There have been so many teary-eyed and heart-wrenching incidents just due to the greed of truck loaders and owners. This really needs to be stopped soon, else we are going to lose many innocent lives in the near future.

Essay On Road Safety In English ( 500 Words )

Every individual on the face of the earth should follow the road safety norms, doesn’t matter he or she uses a vehicle or not. Students and children are the most innocent and the most vulnerable groups in these road accidents. Therefore there should be no delay in imparting knowledge about the road safety rules and regulations for the kids and they should be included in the school as well as college curriculum as soon as possible. It is parents, teachers, and our duty as responsible citizens of this country to make them aware of the road safety regulations.

Road safety has been the limelight issue for quite some time now and the number of accidents that are occurring every year is very alarming. People like you and me who are the responsible citizens of this nation should abide by the traffic and road safety norms that were amended to protect them.

We, as adults, pose an example for the children in our homes. If we will disrespect the rules by not following them, even our children will follow us and not follow and abide by them. Students and young people have very impressionable minds and they will learn what we do. Therefore, adults should try their best to teach all the norms, rules, and regulations of road and traffic safety to the kids.

There are many ways via which we can ensure road safety such as individuals checking in all directions before crossing the road. One should also pay full attention while walking, and not jump or run on roads.

Serious accidents also occur when people drive and drink or talk on call while driving. This is because the driver’s mind is distracted and he or she isn’t paying full attention to his or her driving. Therefore, one should not take pictures, use his or her phone, or talk on the phone while driving a vehicle or walking on the road.

Another major cause or problem for this unfortunate incident is crossing the road while the signal is red and there are 0 vehicles on the roads. If a vehicle suddenly comes dashing through, there can be many severe injuries. Therefore, traffic signals also help save the lives of people who are driving vehicles or are walking on the roads, other than help control traffic. We should also wear helmets and seat belts while driving a 2 wheeler and 4 wheeler respectively.

It is really sad but I have to say this that we mock the road safety quotes written and imprinted on the roads, rather than following it. Also, let’s not blame any other person and first look inside ourselves, and following it, here is something that I want to ask something to all of you who are present here- How many of you have honestly undergone and given a proper driving test for getting a license in our nation? You have the answer, therefore let’s be responsible citizens and as we all know, charity starts from our home. So let’s first improve ourselves and I am pretty sure that the world will be a good place pretty soon.


Road safety is very important for people of all age groups to ensure their safety, and reducing the number of injury cases and road accidents. Therefore, everyone should follow signs of road traffic lights, controllers and all the rules properly. Children and students should be well accustomed to road safety measures by getting education through their parents and teachers.


How do you write a road safety paragraph?

Road safety is the prevention and protection of road accidents by using all the road safety measures. It is to secure people while traveling on the roads. It is to make safe all the road users such as pedestrians, two-wheelers, four-wheelers, multi-wheelers, and other transport vehicle users.

What is the importance of road safety?

Road safety is of prime importance as road accidents are among the biggest causes of deaths in the country. With the number of vehicles on our roads increasing with every passing hour, it's of vital importance for everyone to have traffic awareness and understand and respect all the road safety rules in India.

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