Essay On My School Picnic In English For Student And Children’s

Essay On My School Picnic In English For Students And Children. Picnic is the best phase of everyone’s life. In school, students get excited when they hear the word “Picnic”. It is because, in the heavy studying schedule, students make them happy and enjoy every moment during a picnic.

Essay On My School Picnic In English

Essay On My School Picnic In English For Students And Children

In school, most of the time, they take us to monumental places for a picnic. It is because that kind of picnic not only makes the students happier but also imparts some useful values in them. Students love to visit different places with their friends. Picnic is one such celebration that students enjoy with their beloved friends.

In this article, we will check out my school picnic essay in a short and descriptive form.

Essay On My School Picnic In English ( 100 Words )

Picnic is one of the words that make the student’s happier. During a picnic, the children will not only get to go out with their close friends but also will enhance their knowledge about that place. Most of the time, in school, they will take us to any monumental places, zoo, and exiting venues.

You will get to visit many innovative and exciting places during your school time. During my school time, I visited the Mysore zoo. There were too many animals and I had so much fun. The best thing that students love about a picnic is that they can wear colored clothes of their wish. It makes the cute little buds look more beautiful and alluring.

Essay On My School Picnic In English ( 200 Words )

Picnic is the most memorable experience in school life. Everyone would have gone for a picnic during their lifetime. It is one of the best moments in our entire life. In my school, they usually take us to places such as amusement parks, zoos, monuments, museums, and many exciting places. These picnics were the best memories of my life. I love the picnic that I had gone to when I was in 6th standard.

In my school, they took us to a zoo in Mysore. The place was amazing and it was filled with animals and birds. I loved the environment. The picnic experience was amazing and I enjoyed every moment of it. I ate food that was famous in Mysore and I would say it was the best place ever. My friends were always with me and they made my picnic experience more entertaining. For the picnic, we went along with our class teacher.

Her name was Meenatchi and she was very nice to us. She accompanied us to each place to make us feel safe and secured. In my entire life, I would never forget the experience that this picnic has given me. It was a wonderful experience for us.

Essay On My School Picnic In English ( 300 Words )

The picnic is the best moment in everyone’s life. I had gone to various picnics in my school time. I loved every experience that has given me and I also enjoyed each and everything during my picnic. At our picnic, we had to wear colorful clothes. One of the best picnics that I had gone was when I was in the 6th Standard. During that time, in our school, they took us to Mysore zoo and Brindavan garden.

Mysore city was amazing and attractive to the audience. Our class students enjoyed it very much. We were playing ludo, sang songs and danced during our picnic. Our class teacher organized many events for us to make us feel special. I had a large group of friends and we all were happy during this picnic. We reached the venue at 10 A.M. The climate was soothing and my friends were enthusiastic.

Our school sponsored us for lunch. We ate the most famous dishes in Mysore city. I liked every moment of my picnic. It was such an overwhelming experience that I had come across in my life. My parents were first worried to send me to a picnic in Mysore. But somehow I was convinced and I had gone to this amazing picnic. At this picnic, the most exciting thing that I had experienced was my friends.

The most interesting part was I had met a gigantic bear in the zoo. At first, I got scared but after some time, I enjoyed seeing it. In the Brindavan garden, there were colored fountains. It was very exciting to watch the fountains and many people were clicking pictures around the garden. I went shopping with my friends and I also liked every element of the garden. It was looking very beautiful and I wish I could go there again.

Essay On My School Picnic In English ( 400 Words )

The picnic is the most compelling and alluring moment of our life. We would have all visited many interesting and attractive places during our childhood for a picnic. When I was in 8th standard I had visited Kodaikanal. It was such a beautiful trip and we all enjoyed it to the core. In Kodaikanal, the climate was cold and I loved it so much.

As I had never visited any places that had cold weather before, I loved and had a great time in that place. We visited many places and my friends were always with us. The fee for the picnic was 1500. My parents were hesitant to leave me to the picnic but finally, they agreed. At first, they did not allow me as it was a two-day trip. But finally, they agreed because every student has to go through this amazing experience in their life.

My parents missed me during the days that I gone for a picnic and they used to call me often to know what I was doing. It shows how our parents take care of us even during the time we had gone for a picnic. We all will get to know our parent’s care and emotions during the time of our picnic.

Kodaikanal is renowned as the princess of the hill station. It was the best place that I visited. The climate was so soothing that I forgot what I was doing there. The climate has the power of healing our sadness and gives us a pleasant feeling. A picnic is a memory that no one will wish to forget in their life. If you are a person who is trying to think of your old sweet memories, the first most thing that you will remember is your picnic experience.

This is one of the experiences that none of us will forget. It is a fascinating moment that everyone wishes to get back in their life. Nowadays, though we go for a lot of picnics, we never get the feeling that of our school picnic. At our picnic, we all will wear uniform at first and then we will change into a colored dress. Those small children will look so beautiful in that attire. Though the students were naughty, they will ensure to listen to the instructions of their staffs too.

Picnic creates a nostalgic moment in everyone’s life. If I want to get back any memory of mine again, it would be my picnic experience at school.

Essay On My School Picnic In English ( 500 Words )

The most memorable moments of my life are my school picnic. Usually, the picnic will be planned by our school principal after the half-yearly exam. So that students can get relief from their study stress. While I was studied in 8th STD my class teacher announced about picnic to Kodaikanal (princess of hills station). And she told me the cost of the picnic. It was 1500 rupees.

Suddenly every student in my class became very happy and started talking about a picnic. Everyone eagerly asked the teacher what are things we should be taking to the picnic. What is the thing that was not allowed? She said everyone should wear a school uniform and added that shoes and a tie also must wear. Some students had problems with the uniform. Some other students had problems with the money.

So we discussed and went to our principal and told both the issues that only a few students will be coming if the price for the picnic is 1500 rupees and requested her to change the uniform to casual wear. She accepted and reduced the fee to 1200 rupees and allowed the wear casual dresses. We went during November month so the weather was so cool every student was instructed to bring a sweater with them. During the picnic day, every student was present attendance was taken before getting on the bus.

They started to move when the bus crossed the school main gate everyone shouted the school name and started dancing till we reach Kodaikanal. Many started singing. The teacher never controlled us. She laughed and enjoyed everything. And some students shouted the teacher’s name laughingly. At noon we reached Kodaikanal the air was so cool. The place was very beautiful. Many tourists were present there.

Taking photographs, some were doing dance videos. The teacher had brought coffee to every student in a nice climate. We watched clouds that were nearly close. There was nice scenery in the plains with rainbows. We went to the flower gardens. There were many flowers of different colors and with a pleasant smell. And then we went to a nice restaurant arranged by our management everyone had enough food and for about half an hour we have taken a rest in the nearby park.

Evening time we went to bring some tea powder chocolates that were famous in Kodaikanal. And the teacher took students to the tea factory and teaches us about how the tea is manufactured. We saw practically how tea is produced. Every student had good tea there. And we went to falls that were my favorite part it was so cool to watch. But we are not allowed to bathe. But we enjoyed it so much there.

Everyone was asked to take a group photo with our class teacher as center fall as the background it was a good photo and I framed it and still, I have that. At last, before it became dark the teacher told every student to get on the bus every student was very happy and started singing and dancing till our school campus. We came to school at night our parents were waiting there to pick up us. And we went home happily.


Picnic is the most exciting and best experience for everyone during their school days. I hope you all have enjoyed your picnic during your childhood. Even I enjoyed it to the core and I still remember everything that I experienced. I hope you got to know some of the ideas on picnic through this article.

FAQ’s :-

What is the school picnic?

A School picnic is a day when the teachers and students enjoy simultaneously.

Why is picnic important in schools?

School picnic provides a great opportunity for students to cherish wonderful experience and face a range of challenges that can contribute significantly to their personal development. Hence, it is important that students must participate in the picnicsas it provides a holistic education.

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