Essay On My School Life In English For Students And Children

Essay On My School Life In English. In everyone’s life, school life is the most memorable one. It is the most pleasant time that everyone would like to live in again. It is the period where we get to learn more interesting things in life and get to meet our memorable friends. My school life is the most precious thing that I would cherish for my entire life. We all share the cutest memories of our school life. I have a lot of memories that I share during my school days.

Essay On My School Life In English

Essay On My School Life In English For Students And Children

Essay On My School Life (100 Words)

In everyone’s life, school life is the most precious time that everyone would never forget. I studied in one of the best schools. The teachers and other staffs in the school were very kind-hearted and they would never hurt anyone. I was a very good sports person during my school days.

I used to play basketball and football during my school time. In my school, we had an assembly every day. During assembly, we all used to sing the prayer song and then begin the day. I am missing the real old days in my school and I wish I could go there again.

Essay On My School Life (200 Words)

Memories are the best way to cherish your life. In everyone’s life, we never forget the pleasant days that we have passed through in life. School days were the best experience in everyone’s life. School brings most of the treasurable memories in our life. It is the golden period of my life. I still remember everything that I had spent in my school. It is a period that we learn in our life.

As a student, I got to learn many things during my school life. I learned how to behave with my fellow individuals. I built my self-confidence, motivation, and cherished my life. One of the best memories in my school life is that I gained the most beautiful friends that I guess no one would have had in their life. I got friends who are very true to me. They used to support me when I get demotivated.

They acted as a pillar in my good as well as bad times. These were the valuable memories of my school life. I can never forget how my friends had supported me in my school days. In everyone’s life, there would be definitely a friend who helped them from childhood.

Essay On My School Life (300 Words)

School time is the best phase in life that everyone would cherish in their lifetime. Everyone would have come across this phase of life. It is the phase that teaches you how you will have to lead your life. In school, I was not that confident in what I speak. But, my teachers helped me and shaped me to become the confident person that I am today.

In school, at an earlier stage, I wasn’t good at both academics and sports. It was because I always had the habit of insecurity about my talent. But, it was my teacher who had faith in me. She helped me score good marks as well as become a good sports person. After her valuable advice and encouragement, I become the topper of my class and also performed well in sports such as basketball and football.

I never thought that I would achieve these things in my life but my teachers saw the potential in me. I am always grateful to my staff and my school for carving the talented person in me. My parents were very happy with what I am today. It is only because of my school life. It helped me in every part of my life. The lessons that I learned in my school will be helpful for me in my entire life.

When we talk about school life, there would be friends. My friends supported me every time. They also helped me to be the person I am today. Many would come across bad habits during their earlier stage of life. But I never got into any such habits. It was just because of my valuable friends. They guided me through the right path and my school friends are still with me. This shows how school life turns to be precious for everyone.

Essay On My School Life (400 Words)

School life plays the most significant role in building a disciplined person. It is the phase that brings in truthfulness, discipline, loyalty, and much more in you. School is the place where you will get to meet your teachers. Students learn various lessons in school that will not only help them gain good marks in academics but also in life.

It is the most valuable period where you will come across only happiness and not any sorrows. If you are sad, you will have a friend who will console you. If you score a low mark in your academics, you may get scolding by your teachers. But later in your life, you will learn what your teacher scolded you for it. Those punishments that you got during your school days made you the person that you are today.

During my school days, I came across various failures. But it was only due to my teacher’s and parent’s encouragement, my friend’s faith, and my hard work, I have turned those obstacles into the stepping stones to success. I am today because of the lessons that I learned during my school days. In my school life, I learned so many things that are very helpful to me in every phase of my life. I will never forget those memorable school days.

During school life, we all would have been quite naughty. I was a naughty student. Though I was good at academics, I was a very naughty child. I always used to get punishment for the most mischievous things that I do in my classroom. But, later on, I realized those were the most precious moments in my life. Even now, I am staying connected with my school friends.

School life has not only helped you with the lessons that you are using throughout your entire life but also helped you meet the truest friends in your life. Though you may meet many persons after your school life and make them friends, it wouldn’t be the same as that of our school friends. The bond that you share with your school friends, you cannot share that with anyone in your life. If someone asks me what you want in my life, I would definitely ask them about my school life back. It is the most memorable phase of life that I would want for the entire eternity. I will never forget my school days.

Essay On My School Life (500 Words)

School life is the most precious and treasurable moment in everyone’s life. It is the phase of life that helps you in shaping the inner person in you. It is the period of training and learning. During your school days, you will be trained to face your life and you will also learn various lessons that will help you in your life. Thus, the person that you are now is only because of the training and learning that you had got during your school days.

When we talk about school life, the most important thing that most of people think is the punishment, warning, and the issues that they faced during their school time. But, when you grow up in your life, you will understand each thing in your school life is helping you. Most of the people who faced failures in their school days are now the most successful personalities.

It is because of the hard work, determination, and lessons that they had learned in their schools. Teachers play a great role in shaping the students. More than the students who learn well, they focus on guiding the average students. It is because as a teacher they want every student of them to achieve a greater position in life.

When it comes to my school life, I still now cherish every moment of it. Though I was an average student at first, I turned out to be an above-average student after the advice and lessons that my teachers gave me. They saw the inner potential in me that even I failed to look at. They encouraged me to study well and also participate in co-curricular activities. In school, I was an all-rounder.

I was good at academics, sports, and other activities. I used to play football and basketball. I used to participate in dance and drawing competitions too. In school, we had a self-defense class. In that class, we had to learn Karate to keep ourselves protected. I love my Karate class. We also had a Yoga class that helped us to stay fit. Our day in school will always begin with a prayer meeting.

Those were the most peaceful moments of my life that I wish could have lasted till my entire life. During assembly, they would conduct a prayer meeting and also offer prizes for the students who scored well in their academics and other activities. Our Principal was the most kind-hearted person. He encouraged every student to perform well.

Every student will have the naughtiest side. Even I was a naughty and mischievous student during school days. I wasn’t a trouble-maker but I used to do a few naughty things in class. Some of the teachers liked me as I scored well at academics as well as due to my naughty character. My friends were always the backbone of my school. They helped me with my good and bad times. I am still in a relationship with them. This shows true friends will never pass by as the day passes by.


School life is the best part of my entire life. I would like to live that part of my life again. It was one of the parts of life that I would cherish in my entire life. I loved my school days and I am missing them now. We hope you got to see my memorable school life and share your memories in my comment section.


What is a school life?

The period of your life that you spend at school.

How was your school life experience?

My school life was surely a learning experience. The confidence and motivation it gave me, I couldn't get anywhere else. Most importantly, it is the place where I recognized my uniqueness and individuality. My school life is no less than a treasure for me which gave me invaluable joys in life.

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