Essay On Friendship In English For Student And Children’s

Essay On Friendship In English. Life is similar to a roller coaster. We come across all the ups and downs. But when we require support, no matter what we will have a soul for it and that is a friend. A friend will never leave us alone in any situation. They will act as support that no one will do.

Essay On Friendship In English

Essay On Friendship In English For Students And Children

If you are facing a harder time, the only soul that would guide you would be your friend. A true friendship will never be based on your race, status, sex, integrity, or any such thing. Friendship is purely a bond that everyone will have in their life.

In this article, you will get to know friendship in short and descriptive essays.

Essay On Friendship In English ( 100 Words)

Friendship is the bond that builds a stronger relationship between two persons. It is a pure connection that may occur between two or more persons. This connection can get created within a day, a month, or over a year. But the most memorable thing is the bond that they share.

Friendship is a beautiful relationship that holds a special place in everyone’s heart. No one can ever say that they never have a friend in their life. It is because a person can live without anything but not friendship. From sharing your sad stories to enjoying happy moments, a friend is someone who always stays in every kind of situation.

Essay On Friendship In English ( 200 Words)

Friendship is one of the beautiful bonds that God has gifted to us. Some things you will able to share only with your mother while some with your father, but when it comes to a friend, you can share each and everything that you feel. It is the most comfortable bond that no one would ever want to lose in their life.

A friend is someone who gives perfect guidance to make your life a better place to live. Behind every successful man or woman, there is definitely a friend who motivates them. A good friend helps you when you are in need and guides you through all phases of your life.

Friendship is the best feeling that anyone can feel in their life. It is not that only the person with similarities can become a friend. Dissimilar friends can become friends too. It is because friendship is a bond that forms in an instant. It doesn’t require any rules or regulations. You choose a friend that your heart chooses.

A good friendship has understandable communication. Your friend will start understanding you just by looking into your face. Friends share each and everything that happens in their life. It is a beautiful relationship in this entire world.

Essay On Friendship In English ( 300 Words)

Friendship is a pure relationship that forms between similar or dissimilar persons. They do not demand anything from each other. In true friendship, they give each other care, support, and anything that they need. Friendship is the most significant relationship in everyone’s life. It is a beautiful connection that helps you to stay powerful in your life.

A friend stays supportive to you in every part of your life and also guides you if you are right or wrong. It doesn’t depend on any specific criteria such as age, sex, status, race, and much more. A bond gets created with a person that your heart chooses. That bond is friendship. Some people may have a friend from childhood and some may have during college days or at the office. Thus friendship is the best connection that forms instantly without any specific criteria.

Friendship is a bond that may occur within or outside of your family. It mainly occurs when you share a special connection with the person whom you feel. A true friend helps you to reach your goal on the right path. A friend is not someone who supports you when you are doing the wrong thing. He/she is a person who guides and rectifies you. In this current world, it is harder to find a true friend. You need not worry.

You will definitely meet a pure soul that connects with you and with whom you can share all that you feel. Always remember a friend is not someone who guides you to a wrong path. He/she guides you to reach your goal through the right path. They never hurt your feelings but will ensure to be your support whenever you are in need. A friend always assures not to hurt their friend’s feelings. Thus a friend is a supportive person in everyone’s life.

Essay On Friendship In English ( 400 Words)

A true friend is a boon that everyone is looking for in their life. Finding a friend is easy but getting a true friend is complicated. Whenever you are making a friend, you will need to ensure if they are right for you. Here, the right friend doesn’t mean that based on sex, race, age, or any such criteria.

The right friend refers to a person who supports you when you are doing the correct thing and rectifies your mistake when you are doing wrong. A bad friend will not correct you when you are doing the wrong thing. While a good friend will help you achieve success through the right path.

Friendship is the connection where the person will know each other’s mind. They will not judge you based on any criteria. They will stay as stronger support all the time. They will enhance your efficiency and guide you to make the right decisions even when you are confused. You can always depend on a friend at your harder times.

A friend will have an immense amount of care for you. They will take care of you wherever you are and they will never leave you at difficult times. A good friend will act as a backbone for many people’s success.

In the olden times, there has been a famous story of a great friendship. It is Lord Krishna and Sudama. This story depicts that friendship doesn’t require any status. Here Sudama was a poor person. But still, Krishna and Sudama shared an impeccable friendship bond. Thus friendship doesn’t depend on status.

Friendship is the best relationship in the world apart from the family every people in the world at least have 5 to 6 friends. You can share things with them to can take help from them they will be helping you in every situation if any problem comes they will be standing in your side going trip to some places with your friends are funny moments will stay lifelong in your memories friends are trustworthy apart from your family they show caring towards you.

You can borrow money when it is needed you can catch up anytime they will be always available for you. If there is any problem with our colleagues they will help us to solve that. Friends will be always there throughout your life. Friendship is nothing but if you can share your feeling with a person rather than love it’s a friendship, especially in school and college friendships are awesome.

Essay On Friendship In English( 500 Words)

Friendship is a genuine feeling that everyone will ever feel in their life. You will build a strong connection with two or more people from which you love, care without any demand or misunderstanding. It occurs with a person either with similar or dissimilar characters.

Though their character is different, they will have a similar emotion, feelings, and care. A true friend will be straightforward and will stay honest with you in every part of your life. They will not only be with you when you are happy but will also stay as your pillar at difficult times. Thus a true friend is an essential part of everyone’s journey.

As you would have seen, no one in this world would be without this epical bond named Friendship. Everyone comes across a phase where they will get to meet that person who is as emotional and as connected to them. That would be your friend. In history, we would have learned about the most epic friendship of Sudama and Lord Krishna.

That friendship showed us how a friend can never see status when it comes to building that special bond. Similarly, even we do not want to check out and make friends based on their status, age, sex, race, and any such criteria. All you got to see if that friend is connected to you. If yes, then that is the right person for you.

Quality Of Good Friends

A true friend has a wide range of good qualities that makes your bond meaningful. Here are some of the qualities that play a vital impact on your bond:

Trust:  A true friend will be trustable. You can trust him/her blindly. You need not worry if they will be true to you or not. You can feel free and share all your thoughts and feelings with them. They will make the best person with whom you can share your secrets.

Support:  A true friend is someone who will act as a pillar for you. They will never leave you in your harder times. No matter what, they will be there for you.

Reliable:  You can rely on your friend all the time. They will stay with you and will never do anything that is harmful or affects you.

Loyal:  A friend is someone who would be loyal to you every time. They are not among someone who is good to you at your face and speak badly about you behind your back. They will stay the same every time.

Good Communication:  You will have good communication and a special bond with your true friend. They will understand what you are about to say without even explaining to them. They will understand in a better way when compared to others.

Guidance:  A good friends guide you towards the right path. They will be straightforward and will let you know if you are doing the right thing. You will never go on the wrong path when you are with a good friend.

Thus a true friend is a special one in everyone’s life.


Friendship is the only ship that doesn’t sink even at harder times. This is one that we all have heard. But it is completely true. It is a special and memorable bond in the entire universe. You may never fail to gain a true friend in your life with whom you can share a special bond.

FAQ’s :-

What is the importance of friendship?

Friends bring more happiness into our lives than virtually anything else. Friendships have a huge impact on your mental health and happiness. Good friends relieve stress, provide comfort and joy, and prevent loneliness and isolation. Developing close friendships can also have a powerful impact on your physical health.

What is the value of friendship?

Good friends are vitally important to your mental health and to the quality of your life. To live and to love are inseparable from each other. Friendship is an opportunity to love, to learn about yourself, to mature as a human being, and to open up to the full experience of life.

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